The Chordials would not be the same without our fantastic alumni, members, and all of their families. Their donations help us create the music that we love so dearly, and yours can too! Every donation to the Chordials helps us record, preform, tour, and ultimately do what we love. Any amount, from $5 to $10,000, helps push us toward the tier of musical excellence that we strive for. If you have absolutely any questions, concerns, or ideas, feel free to shoot us a message at, or head over to our contact page.

Cornell (Preferred)

The following explains how to make donations online through Cornell. First click GIVE NOW. Hit click here to choose the area(s) you'd like to make a difference. Scroll all the way down to “Other – Student & Campus Life”. Press on Continue Button. Enter "The Chordials, Fund # 0012685” in the "Other Designation or Special Instructions" box. If you would like to donate through Cornell by check see below.  Donations made here are tax deductible and go entirely to our organization within two weeks.

SquareSpace + Stripe

We also have a donation portal through our website. We use a service called Stripe that is highly compatible with Squarespace.  This portal works as well, but donations are not tax deductible and there will also be a 5.9% fee on the donation that will go to Stripe. 

Cornell by check

Payment by Check - Send to:  Cornell University, P.O. Box 37334, Boone IA, 50037-0334.  For tax credit purposes, checks should be payable to Cornell University.  On the memo line of the check, or on an enclosed letter, they should specify "The Chordials, Fund # 0012685". 

our next album

We are super excited to let you all know that we have an album in the works! There are a lot of costs associated with this, from paying our fabulous sound engineer to licensing and making CDs. Currently we are raising funds to support all of this overhead, so any donations made will be going toward that! Again, feel free to reach out for any reason! We're real people and we're always more than happy to chat.