Audition for the Chordials!

FAQs, dates, and locations below

How do I get ready for auditions?

Prepare a solo that you think you sound good on!

Some tips: Show off the best parts of your voice (make sure your solo fits in your range). Limit your solo to a verse and a chorus. We strongly suggest not to do songs from musicals. You can also have lyrics if you need them. Auditions are super relaxed! Otherwise, just be yourself! We want to see YOU more than anything. Furthermore, if you have questions about what solo to do or about the process, feel free to email or message The Chordials on Facebook!

What if I get stage fright?

Auditions make everyone nervous, but we promise they're painless. Just come prepared with your solo and we'll take care of the rest!

Can I join/audition for multiple groups on campus?

While you cannot join more than one group, you are encouraged to audition for as many as you want! If you just cannot decide which to audition for, audition for all of them! The groups all communicate to make the process as easy as possible for you and we want you to find the one that fits you best!

Why The Chordials?

Our group has a couple different traits that define us.

  1. Our size: We are on the small side in terms of group size. Due to that, we are an incredibly tight knit group that feels more like a family than anything else. We spend A LOT of time together in rehearsals, and some more on top of that, so the bonds that are made are some of the strongest we have at Cornell. We are even well connected with our alumni, many of whom come back to campus every five years to perform with us at our spring concert!

  2. Our sound: The musical product of our size is our sound. One of the great things about our group is that members often get their own parts on songs. We love this because it ensures that our music depends on every member of the group. The sound of the Chordials always changes based on the unique blend of vocal qualities that the new members bring. Furthermore, we often take those qualities into account when we are arranging new songs, arranging certain parts for specific people.

  3. Our history: We have always held ourselves to a high standard musically. Throughout the years we have taken part in and placed well in many different competitions. Check out our Wikipedia page (The Chordials) if you want to learn more! We have also released multiple albums recieving more than 50 awards and nominations within the A Cappella community.

  4. Our passion: Most importantly, we are defined and brought together by a passion for music. We all love the music we make. This is more important than anything else because this is why we love rehearsals, this is why we strive to perform at the highest level, and this is why we all ultimately love being part of the Chordials.

Congratulations to our newest members of Fall 2019!

Aditi Kashyap
Benjamin Shen
Eliana Weinstein
Grayson Rosenberg
Jeanette Wang
Joosung Kim
Michelle Dominguez

a huge Thanks to everyone who auditioned, we loved hearing you!!